Cleaning up the world using plastic as a tool.

We are a Clean Tech Company developing collaborative technology solutions to turn massive plastic waste into new raw materials and products.

We solve environmental problems and deliver solutions to global corporate clients for their business goals and regulatory challenges.

What we do

Through our clean tech we find a way to clean the world of plastic waste, creating high-value products and ensuring that this waste never returns to the environment.





Our numbers

tons recycled per year
times less CO2
*Manufacturing with our material emits 3.26 times less CO₂ than virgin materials.

Awards and recognitions

We are proud of the work we do every day, which has led us to receive various awards.

Our clients

There are many who use already our raw material, and we can demonstrate the traceability of their products.
We thank those who are playing it and cleaning up the world with us.

Connecting dots

"You have become one of my favorite heroes, you are from the saga that I would create to save the world."
Sergio Lagos
TV host
“We have a new job source and at the same time we are cleaning our beaches.”
Henry Angulo
“I find it interesting and virtuous that it is an economic model that works. It generates an environmental good and is economically sustainable”.
Guilermo González
Former head of the Circular Economy Office of the Ministry of the Environment of Chile
“They have a clear purpose of cleaning the beaches and generating a quality product. We believe in that and migrate from wooden to plastic pallets with their recycled material”.
Carlos Pulgar
Compañía Cerveceras Unidas


We developed T.R.S.T., a technology that allows us to trace the positive impact throughout the cycle: from the most remote place to the final product, allowing us to identify the exact origin of each plastic waste.

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