Gaviotas Gaviota

We want to clean the world
from plastics, using
plastic as a tool.



Atando Cabos arises from the dream of restoring the coasts and ecosystem of Patagonia.

In partnership with Recollect and Comberplast, we collect plastic waste that ends up all over the austral coast, to transform them again into raw material and reincorporate them into the production chain as long-term recyclable products, generating circular economy.

Atando Cabos articulates between all the members of the chain, in order to collectively give a second life to the discarded plastics along the entire southern coast.


Atando Cabos through an R & D process, developed a valuation model, making the transformation of this waste to a resource profitable, obtaining a cheaper material than the virgin plastic and maintaining the quality standards. Atando Cabos is a triple impact project: economic, social and environmental. Creating jobs in recovery areas, training artisanal fishermen and working collaboratively with trade associations.


- We are developing a real solution, collaborative based in circular economy circular to solve the oceans pollution problem.

- We integrate all the actors transversally to form a collaborative economy that allows us to take advantage of the intangible value of the material -which traditional plastics do not have-, delivering a product of quality, with sense and history, which reflects the environmental responsibility and the collaborative spirit that unites communities, industries and government in order to clean and restore Patagonia.



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